Being Fat Ain't Fun

I got into fitness as a kid. My dad, mom, all my uncles, and basically everyone I knew was "into fitness" in one way or another. My parents owned a gymnastics gym growing up, so you can't do gymnastics when you're out of shape... just doesn't work so well. Have you seen what gymnasts look like...?

Picture of my uncle Steve and aunt Kathy at one of the many bodybuilding competitions they competed in. The rest of my family ain't far off from this either.

Being so active as a kid and seeing my dad and uncles basically look like sculpted Adonis iterations inspired my desire to chase muscles. I was lifting garage weights from the time I could walk.

At some point in my childhood though, it happened, I got chubby/fat/out-of-shape, however you want to call it—my adipose tissue was high and my confidence low. That time of my life SUCKED and has stuck with me. Even when I'm shredded AF, that timid, unhealthy, and insecure version of myself is never far away.

That realization that I prefer the healthy version of myself is probably what motivates me to pursue fitness. I love attempting to be the best version of myself (and the best version of myself is fit AF).

However, when I finally got into the "industry" and saw how many people sacrificed their health in pursuit of being "fit AF," my eyes opened and I realized that I wanted to be "healthy." That's likewise what the majority of our clients and the people we work with want too. Hence our tagline, "creating fit families."

Our goal is now to produce as much quality information to help people become the healthiest versions of themselves.

Getting "fit AF" as a side-effect sure ain't bad either—and let's face it, being fat ain't fun.

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