Coaching Rockstars

What it's like to be coached by Scott Health & Fitness?

Here is an answer to that exact question from one of our current clients:

"I'm just going to start from the beginning—hopefully this won't be that lengthy. After having two knee surgeries and a gall bladder removal, I was fairly out of shape. I was tired of being in pain, not strong enough to do things, and my body losing muscle. I was usually active. I was beginning to feel like I was in a prision not being able to just get up and do normal activities. I told myself as soon as this knee heals enough, I might get a trainer. A friend mentioned to me that I would like you guys because you would tell me exactly how to do an exercise and why it was beneficial. She said that you were intense and direct, and we'd get along.

Since I value her opinion, and had done a group class once—I got your contact info from her.

In the email responses back from you and first conversation on the phone, it seemed like you were interested in training with me—asking appropriate questions, explaining a little about your style of training.

Meeting with you for the first time, i just remember you talking fairly fast, giving me a lot of information at once. Mostly about the board with the exercises written out. [side-note: the board had a previous training session written out with sets, reps, tempo, and rest interval prescriptions]


You kept asking me " does that make sense". For a moment I I look stupid or something...yah I think I get it, makes sense. I also wasn't quite sure about your "good job" attitude. I wasn't sure if it was fake or not.

After feeling you out a few times, seemed like you were genuine in compliments and encouragement.

So I guess we've been working out together for about 6 months now. I've stuck with you because: you're knowledgeable on diet and exercise, you also look like you follow your own advice, pay attention to your students excerise form, seem to care about students/clients and share some pride in their accomplishments, push people to work harder, modify for me in group class, direct in giving instructions, seems to be organized (I don't know about your messy ass car though), I like that you have been injured before and know about pain, and encouraging. Oh and I like that you are into martial arts.

In conclusion, I like your training style. (But sometimes I want to punch you in the face when you tell me to put the weight up higher 😆)."

If you're interested in becoming a Scott Health & Fitness client, click here and get your journey started.

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