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Nutrition Coaching: Open Wednesday, November 16th

Scott Health & Fitness Coaching offers a world-renowned 12-month program that guides clients through dramatic—yet sustainable—changes in eating habits and physical activity levels. With help from a Scott Health & Fitness coach, bodies and health profiles are transformed in amazing ways.

Lean. Fit. Functional. Able to reach your long-held "dream" goals.

That’s what we’re here for; it’s what we help people accomplish. Scott Health & Fitness—in conjunction with the world’s largest nutrition coaching and education company—has become renowned for helping our clients eat, move, and live better… in sustainable ways.

We’ve helped clients overhaul their daily nutrition and fitness habits with customized strategies that work in the context of their everyday (sometimes hectic, sometimes busy) lives.

Want expert strategies for prioritizing nutrition and fitness in your life? Your time is now.

On Wednesday, November 16th, we’re opening up spots in the Scott Health & Fitness Coaching program. During this 12-month program, we match clients up with our Scott Health & Fitness-trained coaches to guide them through dramatic changes to their eating habits, physical activity levels, bodies, and health.

The results?

Our clients lose the weight they haven’t been able to shed for years. But it’s the inner change that screams loudest: They finally feel capable, confident, and free.

You see, our clients have been trying to lose weight, get in shape, and shake free of body anxieties and food obsessions for years. But change is hard.

For example, even if you know what to eat and how much to exercise, sometimes other things in life come first, such as:

  • work deadlines,

  • children,

  • aging parents,

  • maintaining a house,

  • and more.

So knowing what to eat and how to exercise is one thing; actually doing it is another. We acknowledge that most people need support to bridge that gap. That’s where we come in. Scott Health & Fitness Coaching bridges the gap between knowing what you’re “supposed” to do… and finding real-life, workable strategies for actually eating well and staying active — for the long term.

Now, there is a catch.

If Scott Health & Fitness Nutrition Coaching is right for you, it can be totally life-changing. But because of high demand, our program usually sells out within the first day.

If you’re interested in becoming a client, your best bet is to put yourself on our free presale list. That’ll give you the chance to register 24 hours before the general public. There are other benefits, too—keep reading…

You’ve probably known you need more support for a long time.

When our clients begin working with us, they express concerns like:

  • Is my body broken?

  • I can’t seem to lose weight, even doing everything right.

  • How can I get fit when I feel so run down?

  • I need a plan that’s flexible enough for my crazy schedule.

  • I can’t just blindly follow—I need the how and the why.

These concerns are the cornerstone of our coaching. Our clients are smart, proactive, achievement-driven people who won’t settle for another gimmicky diet or short-term way to lose 5 pounds. They want to get off the hamster wheel of: lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight. They want to be free of the same cycle repeated over and over, the same problems coming up time after time.

The good news? We can help.

We know your struggles intimately and we’ve helped thousands of others overcome those same challenges to change their eating habits, their bodies, and their health from the inside-out, once and for all.

The results you’re after are attainable—and sustainable—

with our coaching. We guarantee it.

Your body isn’t broken, and your energy will return. How do we know? Scott Health & Fitness Coaching is 100 percent, invariably, without a doubt, science-based.

Time and time again, we geek out with our clients, breaking everything we know about nutrient biochemistry and exercise physiology down into small, manageable, strategic daily habits—delivered slowly over the course of 12 months via our exclusive software—that build on each other over time.

Throughout the year, you’ll get personalized coaching to get back in touch with hunger and fullness cues and develop a health-supporting lifestyle to rely on for the long haul. Your personal coach will help you develop workable strategies for prioritizing health-supporting daily habits, no matter what other responsibilities you have on your plate. And after a year you’ll be left with effective, sustainable practices to keep you in the best shape of your life… for the rest of your life.

We deliver structured, personalized, holistic programs to our Scott Health & Fitness Coaching clients.

This means you’ll get all the attention you need including:

  • Accountability and reminders from us, when you need them.

  • A coach to check on you, answer questions, make adjustments, and give you feedback.

  • A commitment from us that’s as serious as your own.

  • Guidance on physical activity and performance.

We can only accommodate a small percentage of those who want to become Scott Health & Fitness Nutrition clients.

We only open our doors and accept new clients a few times a year. And tons of people inquire about participating during those registration periods.

That means we have the capacity to coach a small percentage of the people who express interest in working with us. Because of that, our programs have historically sold out in the first day.

However, if you put your name on our free presale list, you’ll get the chance to register 24 hours before everyone else, increasing your chances of getting a spot. Plus, you’ll save 20 percent off the cost of the program. That’s our way of rewarding the people who are most willing to act, because they’ve always proven to be our best clients.

We guarantee our work. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Stick with us for a full year. Work hard. And if you don’t get the results you’re looking for, we’ll give you your money back. No risk. No joke.

We can’t wait to work with you.

If you’ve decided you’d like to work with us, or you’re still thinking about it, I strongly recommend you put your name on the presale list below. Since we can only accommodate a small percentage of the people who express interest in the program, spots usually sell out within hours. Adding your name to the list below gives you a huge advantage: a chance to sign up 24 hours before everyone else and a 20 percent discount. Spots are first come, first served. And when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Looking forward to working with you soon.

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