"Diet Starts on Monday"

This weekend was ridiculously busy. It's currently 7:30 pm on Sunday evening, and I am exhausted. No joke, I am in my sweat pants, under a blanket on the couch, basically falling asleep. I've been on-the-go since I woke up yesterday morning. I can't believe how much I jammed in to this weekend. Here's a breakdown.

Saturday, I woke up at freaking 6 am, on my own (#cool). I got up, did my normal morning routine, and left the house. I drove to the gym, had an hour long training session with my group, hauled *ss home to shower, so that I could meet my friend Meredith for breakfast. We ate at Half & Half in Clayton [if you haven't had the pleasure of eating there.. text me. Because I want to go with you]. We hung out for a bit, caught up.. but I mostly talked Meredith's ear off about working out and nutrition. She seemed interested enough.

After that came to an end, I sped back home (in Soulard) so that I could finish getting ready. Got back in the car, and headed back to the gym. Derik asked me to get some photo's taken for the website, and what better place to take pics than at the gym? Here's the thing though...all of the poses I did, required some type of physical exertion .. I broke a sweat. Which normally is fine, but I had my hair and make up done. In reality,I should have just done a regular workout, and told Randi to just follow me around for an hour. (These pictures are DOPE btw, and I can't wait for everyone to see them). As soon as that was finished, I went over to Randi's house, took a few more pictures, and then helped her edit the images (sat back and ate grapes).

Left there, went home, and took my PICP exam... which took much longer than I expected to. Some of those questions were confusing AF, and I was convinced there was no real answer. Anyway, I passed. Once I got that out of the way, I had to jump right back in the car to go check my friends house and her puppy again. Then drove ALL THE WAY to the loop. Which was a 30 minute drive.

I was going for a house party, which served as a pre-game to a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Tivoli. I walked in to the house, and there was SO MUCH FOOD. It was at that point (7:45 pm) that I realized that I hadn't eaten a real meal, since breakfast with Meredith. I was starved. I'm not going to go in to detail about what kind of food there was, but just know it was not #healthy. I tried really hard to just eat from the meat and veggies. But then I saw some sesame chicken and ate a bunch of that. I ate several plates of chips and dip. Some spinach artichoke dip. and 2 AND A HALF mini cakes. I didn't even care. I was so hungry. I can't even blame alcohol on my glutenous session... I haven't drank the entire month of October.

Today wasn't much better. I woke up early AF, again without an alarm.. went to the gym, trained for an hour, got back home to shower, just so I could get in the car and drive out to Washington for a baby shower. This baby shower had typical shower food. Which was all processed carbs, cakes, cheeses, and healthy cucumber sandwiches. And guess what? I showed up hungry.. even though I ate before, in preparation. I should have known better, because I live in a constant state of hunger. I walked in to the party, said a few fake "hellos" and b-lined for the snacks table. Without even thinking, I grabbed a mini chicken salad sandwich, a few cheese cubes AND a cucumber sandwich, ALL before I even made it to my table. Jesus Jessica, come up for air. I also ate a cup of puppy chow, had some gold fish crackers and I'm sure something else (I blacked out for a bit from the food coma I had induced).

Eating like this, has made me feel like crap. I was ill prepared, and apparently expected to eat well, while also running around. Normally I do a pretty decent job. I usually have a few options at home, or manage to pick healthy options when I'm out. I had a great weekend, but I'm also thrilled to get back in to my routine.

What I'm saying with all of this is, LIFE HAPPENS. There are going to be times where you run around all day, and don't even realize you haven't eaten since early morning. You're going to go to parties where there is a cupcake bar. It's impossible to be perfect all the time. And if we never allowed ourselves a break, we would go crazy! But rather than feeling guilty for my indulgence, I'm going to accept that it happened, and move on. I've got food prepared for tomorrow's lunch which I'm pretty stoked for. Stressing out over a bad meal (or meals, in my case), is not worth it. We're so hard on ourselves all the dang time. We need to chill TF out. So what, you ate a bad meal. K. Great. Make sure your next meal will actually benefit your body. Simple as that.

Balance is key.

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