Nutrition Coaching FAQ

What is the Scott Health & Fitness Coaching Program?

The Scott Health & Fitness Coaching Program teams up with the Precision Nutrition ProCoach system and allows one of our world-class coaches to guide you through sustainable nutrition habits. The program tracks EVERYTHING, gives you achievable/objective goals, and teaches you about nutrition in the absolute best way we have ever seen. The program is a full year long and leaves you feeling self-sufficient and in control of your nutrition and lifestyle choices.

By signing up you will receive a practice-based curriculum with automated daily practices, lessons, and assignments. The program will monitor consistency and compliance; track physical, mental, and emotional changes. Further, you will receive accountability, mentorship, and support. You will also be provided with an easy-to-use, fully developed, practice-based nutrition coaching curriculum—built on the best practices of change psychology and proven in over 45,000 participants to date.

Is the program meant to teach better habits? Would I log food and exercise? Would I check in with you guys like a trainer?

Yes, yes, and yes. The program is based around creating optimal habits, teaching you how to avoid pitfalls, guiding you through "mistakes," planned assessments and regular feedback to make sure you're on the right track.

How interactive is the program?

Extremely. You will have both daily and weekly tasks. The entire program is based on outcomes based decision making and change psychology. The program gives you the opportunity to vote daily in favor of your goals.

Is it a year long commitment? And would I pay monthly or all at once?

Nope, we went back and forth and we're not going to require a yearly commitment. We'll ask you to give it 3 months, but there will be a 30 day notice ability to cancel anytime.

What is the cost per month?

Similar programs sell for $270/month. We offer the same world-class programming, coaching, habits, and curriculum for a fraction of the cost.

Plus, if you sign up for the resale list, you'll save 20% off the price.

How often is the program available?

To give clients the personal care and attention they deserve, we only open up the program a few times a year—about 3 to 4 times. Last time we opened registration, we sold out within the day.. By joining the presale list you’ll get the opportunity to register 24 hours before everyone else, given a discount, and increasing your chances of getting in.

Are there workouts and a gym component to the program?

This will cover the nutrition aspect. Their will be weight training, programming, and other components, but the gym membership and in-person sessions would be a different package. The habit-based curriculum focuses on: nutrition​, sleep, stress-management, mindset, and overall healthy living. However, we do include an exercise component for those who ask for it specifically.

Do I need to download an app for this?

No, there's no dedicated app for this program.. This isn't in the development pipeline either because the platform functions very well on mobile devices and tablets. If you want to bookmark your ProCoach dashboard, here's what to do (on iOS): First, open the Safari browser.(You can also download the Chrome or Firefox browser app from the App Store for free.)Go to: Tap the share icon (bottom middle icon; square with an up arrow).Tap "Add Bookmark" or "Add to Favorites" to save My PN to your browser appLog in to your PN dashboard

Are there a meal plans included?

Instead of meal plans, we use something called habit-based (or practice-based) coaching. Habit-based coaching is rooted in the best practices of change psychology. In other words, it’s built on the latest science of what actually helps people develop new skills and make change in their lives. So, instead of giving people a menu that looks like this: Meal 1 (6:30am): 3 eggs, ½ cup oatmeal, 1 banana Meal 2 (9:30am): protein shake Meal 3 (12:30pm): turkey breast sandwich and small salad We give them a series of 2-week habits — which are both solid and flexible — to help them build the skills necessary to make better nutrition and lifestyle choices today (and for life). To support these habits, we also offer relevant lessons and assignments. Taking into account things like a client’s unique schedule, priorities, belief system, food preferences, food tolerances, and more, we help them build their own “Owner’s Manual”.

In the end, rather than telling people what to eat for breakfast and when to eat it, we help them build the skills (and daily habits) required to eat well, every day, no matter what life throws at them. We also help them discover what’s right for them, in the context of their own unique lives. That’s why our program’s results are so sustainable.


Want help with your nutrition?

If you’re looking for help and guidance, we’ll soon be taking a group of new clients looking for expert support, all as part of our Scott Health & Fitness Nutrition Coaching program.

If you’re interested and want to find out more, I’d encourage you to join our presale list. Being on the presale list gives you two special advantages.

  • You’ll pay less than everyone else. At Scott Health & Fitness, we like to reward the most interested and motivated people, because they always make the best clients. Join the presale list and we’ll give you over 20% off the monthly cost of Scott Health & Fitness Nutrition Coaching and pay the lowest price offered.

  • You’re more likely to get a spot. To give clients the personal care and attention they deserve, we only open up the program a few times a year. Last time we opened registration, we sold out within the day. By joining the presale list you’ll get the opportunity to register 24 hours before everyone else, increasing your chances of getting in.

In the end, if you’re ready to start eating, moving, and living better, with help from the world’s premier coaching team, this is your chance.

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