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Kilo Strength Society Seminar photo of coaches

I hold multiple international certifications for strength and conditioning (PICP 1&2 Poliquin Certified Personal Trainer), have went to every seminar on the subject I can feasibly make happen (Fat Loss, Hypertrophy, Powerlifting, Physique, Expos—you name it, I've attended it), and train/program for over 400 athletes and clients—an entire gymnastics gym with three locations, a private volleyball club, over 15 mixed martial artists, general population groups at 4 different locations, two separate groups of elderly lifters, and have trained many others...

BUT—I hire a coach outside of Scott Health & Fitness to write my own programs.

"Uh... why?" You ask yourself.

Here's why:

  • Outside perspective

  • We're all too close to our own selves to program properly

  • Learning experience

  • Stephane taught and lectured many of the certification courses and seminars I have attended

  • High level programming

  • Scott Health & Fitness coaches are some of the best in the world, but this allows someone outside of our organization to teach and expand our overall knowledge base

  • Strength, wellness, and athleticism

  • These things rank extremely high on a personal level and also to SH&F as a whole, this helps us get better in each area

  • WAY less stress

  • it is f*cking stressful to think about every minute detail of programming, energy systems, nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle modification. Admittedly, I'm me. I am far too "close" to be as objective as someone who is not me, does not work for my company, and is not influenced by me on a daily basis

  • Exercise programing

  • It forces me to do exercises I would never program for myself

  • Stephane lectures on this very subject matter

  • Some of the best periodization in the world

  • It's AWESOME having a coach

  • Someone who legitimately wants the BEST for you in life. Someone who will celebrate your every success JUST as hard as you do

  • Stephane and the Kilo Strength Society are the best in the world and I want the best.

  • Stephane, Alex, and Kelsey of the Kilo Strength Society and the other coaches in the Society continuously help me get better as an athlete and a coach

Pic from my first fight training with Stephane, a first round submission victory

I have trained with Stephane since I first met him in person at the Poliquin Group headquarters in Rhode Island—where he was running the Fat Loss Seminar I was attending. His passion and attention to detail is unparalleled—posture, exercise selection, macro-periodization—no stone is left unturned when he drafts a program. AND he has literally created types of training!

My current training regiment, which I have just finished the first two weeks of, is called Speed Strength Continuum Contrast Training (SSC Contrast Training). Stephane created it and I am the first guinea pig athlete to do this program—I consider this a huge honor and it also terrifies me at the same time. Follow along with this blog to keep up on how my training progresses, peaking March 24th when I fight for the SFC Lightweight Belt.

This is the second program that I am doing that Stephane has created. The first of which was Ascending Velocity Body Composition Training (AVBCT), which Stephane has written about here. [link to AVBCT article]

Needless to say, my training, physique, ahtleticism, and the knowledge that Scott Health & Fitness is able to spread continues to ascend when we are able to work with such high-level strength and conditioning coaches.

The difference between a cookie cutter program you get off the internet for free, and one designed with purpose and intent specifically for you is night and day. I have a coach. Every athlete and physique you admire has one too... Hint? Get a coach! Seeing results in 1 month vs spinning your wheels for 18. This is hindsight behind years of wasted effort speaking to you. Hire a coach you respect and work hard for them.

Stephane Cazeault is the formerDirector of Strength and Conditioning at the Central Institute for Human Performance, former Director of Strength and Conditioning at the Poliquin Group, Studied Exercise Science at Université de Montréal, and has recently opened his own gym in Huntington Beach, California to pursue his life-long dream—Kilo Strength Society.


To learn more about Stephane and his new gym, Kilo Strength Society, in Huntington Beach, you can reach him:

To learn more about my programing or what we do at Scott Health & Fitness, drop your name and email into our list and get emails from us below:

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